Residential Clean Energy

Wattsflow offers Sterling MA Choice™ for National Grid customers in Massachusetts. For just $7.50 per month, you can upgrade to cleaner renewable electricity from regional sources – and do your part for the environment, for energy security and independence, and for sustainability.

Program Details

Sterling MA Choice™ Content% of Mix
New England Class I Wind25%
New England Small Hydro75%
Total Renewables100%

By choosing renewable electricity, you are:

  • Clearing the air, offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from regular power plants
  • Conserving fossil fuels – oil, coal and natural gas – that are nonrenewable
  • Boosting energy diversity and sustainability
  • Buying wind and small hydro RECs associated with electricity delivered to New England’s power grid
  • Supporting New England and local economies
  • Developing New England’s renewable energy market

Here’s how it works:

  • You stay with National Grid, enrolling in the utility’s GreenUp program.
  • You choose how many blocks of 250 kWh you would like to match against your monthly conventional electricity usage.
  • National Grid handles billing.  A separate line item showing your GreenUp enrollment will appear on your monthly electric bill.
  • You pay a flat monthly fee that does not vary (i.e. $7.50 for 1 block).
  • Change or cancel your enrollment at any time.


Does my purchase mean I’m using renewable energy to power my home or business?
Not directly. Your purchase guarantees that clean, renewable energy is being placed on the electric grid, raising the percentage of renewable energy used overall.